NY Fashion Week - Back in the City

Tis that time of year again…Fashion Week in New York City; & I'm back baby.  It's exhilarating to be back in the city in the middle of the fashion whirlwind.  I love being in a place where the industry is vibrant, strong, and thriving.  Now that I'm starting my own brand, the whole experience has taken on new meaning.  I could ramble on for days but I'll save you the torture haha.  Here are some snap shots of my trip.  

For more details on my experience, check out my article for Lei Chic (click here)


I couldn't resist sporting my own brand on the streets of NY!  Ten Tomorrow has crossed the ocean :) I paired my faux leather skirt with the hottest fabric trend right now…PLAID.  I picked a sheer plaid to help with the lingering summer heat.  

Killer show by Marc and Estel.  They totally rock the runway in casual knits, sweaters, denim, and leather in such a haute way.  I loved their energy!  The brand concept as a whole really shines through their show. 

Carmen Marc Valvo is one of my FAVORITE designers.  I love his modern-retro vibe and the truly elegant style he flaunts down the runway.  His sheer paneling this season is so beautifully done in subtle-sexy kind of way.  I also ADORED his hair concept.  He had a silver streak run through each model's hair.  

I closed out my first day of shows with Crown by Colin King.  Hands down, the MOST fun show EVER.  The styles were modern, edgy, and innovative.  I thoroughly enjoyed the playful nature of the whole atmosphere.  Sometimes runway shows can be so serious that it was a relief to watch a designer really express the joy of it all.  

Well this is just a recap of one very jam-packed day.  More pictures/adventures coming soon...

Outfit Details: Top - Urban Outfitters.  Necklace - Gift.  Faux Leather Skirt by Ten Tomorrow (web-store coming soon!).  Heels - Top Shop.  

Pictures taken by me
(*Except Carmen Marc Valvo shots from thefashionspot.com)

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Sunrise with My Summertime Favorites

I know I live in the land of eternal good weather but August usually marks the end of Summertime.  To celebrate another season of sunshine & playing, I decided to blog a few of my favorite new summertime essentials.  

Ok so…my new obsessions are:
1. Sand Cloud Towel - A comfy new way to enjoy lounging! It's so awesome…Ch-ch-check them out. 
2. Serene Sky Boutique's Turquoise Earrings - Gold plated vintage brass with turquoise! Simple, sleek, & perfect for any style.  So many other goodies at Serene Sky btw….if you're an accessory addict (like me), then shop away with their affordable styles!
3. The Pebble Watch - a smart watch that can hook up to iPhones or Androids & send all your notifications straight to your wrist.  SWEET FREEDOM, I'm no longer tied to checking my phone every 62 seconds.  I got mine at Best Buy! 
4. LSpace Swimsuit - Well a girl needs a new suit each season right?  I might be getting out of the tropically print stuffs & headed toward more modern (maybe even sexy?) swimwear!  Black always seems more chic & I love the back design on the top. 

Anyway, get out there before it's too late & fit in those adventures; I know I'm trying!

Genius. Duh….a towel + a pillow.  YES PLEASE!  How cute is this nifty little thing?! I seriously leave it in my car & tote it with me everywhere.  The pillow is removable so you have a towel &/or sarong on hand.  Don't forget to support & get your own Sand Cloud towel on their Kickstarter video (CLICK HERE)

I'm not a techie but I sure do LOVE my Pebble watch.  Text, call, & phone notifications straight to my wrist!  It's water resistant, has a ton of apps, & is my new best friend haha.  It even tells me how far & fast I run (on the rare occasion I work out).  

New earrings!! One, I love anything turquoise.  Two…get EXCITED & stay tuned to my IG for a giveaway opportunity! There's something delightful about the simplicity in these earrings & they are my new go-to daily accessory. 

Towel by Sand Cloud.  Knit Hoodie - H&M.  Swimsuit Top by LSpace.  Swimsuit bottom by San Lorenzo.  Earrings by Silk Purse, Sows Ear - Serene Sky Boutique.  Initial Necklace - Fighting Eel.  Watch by Pebble.  Sandals - Aldo.  

Photographer : Cassie Louie

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Aloha Friday

Happy Aloha Friday Everyone!!

I've decided to go against my normal aversion to the aloha wear legacy.  With the rest of the world jumping on the Aloha print bandwagon, I find myself reconsidering my rebellion of it.  Fashion is about breaking boundaries and reinventing past styles into exciting new ways.  That being said, Hawaiian wear has def evolved over the years and its inspiration is now splashed on the runways of major designer brands.  While locally we cling to the more traditional fits & prints, I really look forward to future of aloha wear locally & worldwide.

I've scrapped the idea of a classic cotton button down aloha shirt for a more playful blouse in a modern digital fern print.  I love the crew collar, shirt tail back, & sexy side slit.  With the Hawaii heat, I thought it appropriate to pair with my new favorite high-waisted shorts.  It's so hard to find WHITE shorts.  Lastly, I'm OBSESSED with my new bag by Poverty Flats & new Dolce Vita shoes.  There are no words. I'll let the pictures speak for themselves.  I do want to stress that this uber comfy cute outfit is how I want to dress all summer long...

Trinkets & Treasures….Here's a run down of my teeny tiny jewelry pieces.  Click photos for larger view. 

  • Quartz hoops, Labradorite bracelet, & Amazonite bracelet by Pure Joy Adornments (made in Hawaii).  
  • Feather Cuff by House of Harlow.
  • Watch by Casio - American Apparel. 
  • Midi ring & Duo Ring by Panacea Designs (made in Hawaii).  

My handbag is by Poverty Flats.  It comes with a clear removable pouch to keep your goodies nice & organized.  I JUST DIE over this bag.  Now how to keep my clumsy self from getting it dirty?!

Tropical Tee - Top Shop.  Cut off shorts - Bamboo Sky.  Shoes by Dolce Vita.  

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Lifestyle Stylin'

I've been a bit busy lately shooting editorials, look books, & product shots so it was nice to branch out into a lifestyle shoot.  I was contacted by the talented, Los Angeles based photographer, Natasha Lee.  Click here for her website.  Together we assembled a wonderful team:
Models - Annika B. & Katy G.
Hair + Makeup - Mahina Boersma 

We shot in Kailua & it was just magical.  Salt + Sun really does cure the soul.  I hope you enjoy this series.  I hope to work with all these ladies again soon.  

Dress by Gillia Hawaii.  Vest - House of Aria.  Drop Necklaces by Pure Joy Adornments.  Long Bead Necklace - Calypso St. Barth.  

Swimsuit by Estuaries NY.  Coverup & Necklace - Calypso St. Barth.  

Kaftan - Calypso St. Barth.  Earrings by Pure Joy Adornments.  

Jacket, Pants, & Necklaces - Calypso St. Barth.  Shirt - H&M.  Hat - Basique Threads. 

Scalloped Cami - Bamboo Sky.  Jewelry by Pure Joy Adornments.  Silk Pant - Calypso St. Barth.  Hat - House of Aria. 

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Love, Summer

It's that time…the suns out, the sand is calling, & my terribly pale skin is crying for a little attention.  Summer is here & I love it.  To welcome in my namesake season I decided to throw on my favorite bikini & hit the beach for much needed vitamin D.  I wanted to keep my outfit minimal…you don't need much on a perfect day!  Every girl should have a clean white boyfriend button down though; & if you love my swim suit…I DESIGNED IT (shameless self bragging).  Find them in my Shop :) 

I'm also really excited to show off my accessories today.  My outfit is so clean that I just had to try out the bracelet layering trend.  I started off with just a few (I know there are girls who can manage the million arm candy posts).  Seri Marea Jewelry sent me some pieces that are just so cutie-patootie.  See detail shots below.  I hope you are all enjoying the start of Summer as much as meeeee!


I'm normally not an "arm candy" type of gal but I couldn't help myself.  I really loved the flow of the bracelets I have today.  

I just ADORE my custom made initial friendship bracelet!!  Thank you Isobel…it's my new daily add-on.  Everyone click here for her Etsy shop!  She also hand crafted the fun chunky turquoise+pyrite bracelet.  Did I mention she's from DUBLIN?? 

I paired my new finds with some old Jewel Mint bracelets…I've been sitting on these for YEARS, never wearing them because I just couldn't find the inspiration to layer…UNTIL TODAY. 

I def get why everyone stacks the bracelets though…It's addicting.  It's an easy way to kick up the cool-factor. 

Boyfriend Button Down - Gap.  "Veronica Swimsuit" - Summer Style Shop.  Turquoise + Pyrite bracelet & Initial Friendship Bracelet by Seri Marea Jewelry.  Cross Link Bracelet & Spiked Bracelet - Jewel Mint.  Sunnies - Roberta Oaks. 

Photographer - Andrew Tran : Thanks for making me look good in a swimsuit :D Whoo hop…you nailed it. 

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Crazy Cat Lady

Two consistent jokes in my life are:
1. I am an old lady inside + out
2. I am the epitome of a crazy cat lady.  

Obviously to anyone who follows me on IG, (@summerstylehi) I'm DEF a crazy cat lady.  So this is a blog dedicated to my love for kitties AND as a reminder for myself to dress up for fun.  Please take note of the cat-eye sunglasses, cat-eye makeup, "MEOOW" shirt, and leopard print shoes.  Oh yes…I went there….crazy cat lady = me.  Maybe I'm one you'll find socially acceptable? Or at least….fashionable?  

I decided to shoot at a playground since I'm rediscovering my inner child.  I also chose to bare all in a flirty & oh-so-fitted outfit.  I've worked out & dieted the week before this blog…just being honest!  I do have to admit, I am really feelin' the illusion of curves with this awesome pencil skirt; tight might be working for me!  My favorite thing by far is MY SHOES.  I wear them ALL the time now & I can't get over it.  I'm always on the run & they keep me trendy while comfy.  Lastly, did you see the green eyeliner? Fun right?! Since I usually keep my makeup to a minimum, a pop of color is exactly how I want to spice it up.  Well, I hope you like this entry…I put a lot of thought into it since I've been a bit MIA.  

Mew…mew..mew =^..^=

Sunnies & Rings- Nordstrom.  Crop top + Skirt - H&M.  Necklace - Forever 21.  Shoes - Aldo.  

Special Thanks to:
Makeup + Photographer - Isabella Hashimoto

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