Halloween Dress Up

I don't really like costumes...but I LoooOoOve playing dress up. I'd rather spend a pretty penny on things I'll wear again. So in honor of the only holiday where adults take full advantage of playing dress up...I thought I'd post some of my "costume" ideas for fun. 

Classics.  Thanks to my Dad, I was raised with a daily dose of old school everything.  While Abbott & Costello's Meet Frankenstein may be my favorite Halloween oldie, I can't ignore the hauntingly beautiful Bride of Frankenstein for a inspiring costume choice... 


Ta-da! A sexier (not sluttier), more modern approach to her dress + $3 gauze for her arm bandages. Not only is this dress perfect for your Halloween fun but like the movie, a timeless classic for your closet. 

Dress by Sen found on ShopBop 


I'm completely useless with hair & makeup but I pulled what you'll need to complete your look in case you're more ambitious than I am. For hair: a teasing brush (god help your bee hive the morning after), a crimper, and LOTS of hairspray.  For makeup: Ivory concealer, liquid eye-liner, & deep red lipstick.  Happy Haunting! 

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