Mermaid Magic

I've been sitting on this particular shoot for MONTHS. I patiently waited for it to be edited to perfection &, with breath that is bated, I RELEASE THEM TO YOU!! I want to start by saying this shoot was inspired from paintings by Audrey Kawasaki.  I've included the original inspirational paintings so you can compare them to our recreation.  Audrey Kawasaki has a haunting moodiness to her paintings that we really tried to capture while pulling out more color.  It makes me so happy to publish these photos; it was a fantastic experience working with everyone to accomplish this shoot (which is turning into my FAVORITE piece of work in my career thus far).  Below are just a few MIND BLOWING photos, for the full shoot see my gallery here.  

We loved the hair pieces in this particular painting so Risa and Misha worked some major magic to pull off what you see above.  Misha used real shells to make hairpins & clips while Risa spray painted faux foliage to complete the look. 

Gabby (left): Metallic Bandeau - American Apparel
Sakura: Sheer Pleated Maxi Skirt - House of Aria

Special Thanks to EVERYONE involved in this shoot :
Models : Gabby P. & Sakura H. from Niche Models & Talent 
Photographer : Kelsey Finn
Hair + Makeup : Risa Hoshino & asst. by Isabella Hashimoto
Editor : Samantha Hook
Jewelry by : Misha Hawaii