Autumn Girl

I'm falling for fall.  I'm an Autumn girl; I was born in November, I enjoy the cooler weather, & I LOVE when the leaves turn.  I originally designed this dress to be a summer dress butI as I wore it around, I felt it was really an Autumn piece.  It's pumpkin orange color paired with the deep navy floral print reminded me of a sunrise through a sleeping forest nearing winter.  Anyway, I was inspired to shoot this outfit mid-Fall and put it up for sale for my online boutique here.  Enter Code: autumngirl for 10% off!!!

The dress is designed to be a layering piece (another reason why it suits the Fall better than anything).  You can layer a t-shirt/tank under it, or put a cute jacket over.  You can wear leggings, or knee high boots.  Or, because it's Hawaii after all, just throw it over a swimsuit & go watch the sunset.  The fit is relaxed but flirty.  The low sides & back allow for showing plenty of skin if you please.  There's a double ruffle on a drop waist hem for extra sass when you strut; but stay classy - it is a mini dress through & true so don't go high kicking or nothin'! I hope you like it as much as me...I wear it at least once a week :P 

Feeling a little romantic right?  This is my new favorite secret spot.  I felt I was transported to place that experienced seasons a bit more than my perfect paradise home.   

I think I'll be visiting here to sketch some inspiration or to gather thoughts when I need some peace & tranquility in my life. Special thank you to Maida for being an enthusiastic photographer who pulled out the best sunshine pictures (& the most hilarious bloopers).  

Here's a 2nd look.  I threw on a cool acid washed crop button down.  I cinched it at the waist to show off some shape since the dress is so loose.   It's an easy dress to style & play with.  

Meet Suzie...I named her. She's the sweetest most curious duck EVER.  She followed me around the property & even posed for the camera quite often! I had to include her because I kinda wanted to take her home with me :P

Chambray Crop Button Down - Bamboo Sky.  "Callie" Dress by me - Shop Online here.  "Veronica" Swim Top by me - Shop Online here.  Earrings by Emily Blue - Collins + 8th.  Bracelet - Jewel Mint.  Aviators - Urban Outfitters.