Pour on the Plaid

Maybe it's my new hair color, or maybe it's my rebellious side, but I really felt like going a little street dark.  I recently picked up this plaid sleeve crop top at Kakaako's "Pinch of Salt" event from Basique Threads.  They are launching an online store where this, & other fun styles, will be sold! Stay tuned to their launch (it will be JUST in time for the holidays)! Click here for their FB page.  

I paired the crop top with Topshop's ultra high-waisted skinnies.  I DIE over these pants.  They are sooooo comfy.  They also help hide some skin because I ain't going crazy with the midriff.  For a pop of color, I used a fun neon yellow bag from Florencia Arias' boutique :) It was $15 on Black Friday!!! Whoop! Just threw on some studded kicks for extra street cred, & mixed in the red plaid for fun.  

This day was a bloody hot day!  In my defense, the morning started off a little cooler so I thought it would be awesome weather to blog some fall black fashion.  I miscalculated...ha.  A couple of rather handsome skaters around made up for it. ;) 

Besides that, I took to playing around the skate park....So many ridiculous outtakes on this shoot!  Do you know how hard it is to stand slanted on a ramp? Or to sit on the rail of the pipe??  I def exerted what little athletic ability I have.  Obviously, since I didn't post those pics, they were more hysterical than blog worthy haha.  I'll probably be sporadically posting them to my IG @summerstylehi

Top - Basique Threads Online Store.  "Jonie" High Waisted Jeans - Top Shop.  Plaid Button Down - Forever 21.  Beret - Urban Outfitters.  Necklace - Collins + 8th.  Purse - Florencia Arias.  Shoes - Macy's.  

Photos by Maida Montemayor