HNL Night Market + Pow Wow

I just thought I'd post some snap shots of this past Honolulu Night Market + Pow Wow Event.  I had such a fun time roaming around with my partner-in-crime Laurie & our boyfriends.  We loved the fashion, food, & shopping; while the boys were more interested in the fire dances, acrobatic girls on silk ropes, & the art.  

For those of you who don't know visit It's a monthly block party event complete with different food vendors, fashion pop up stores, local artists, a beer garden, & MORE! This month was extra special with combined projects from both HNL Night Market + Pow Wow! 

PS..have you noticed Laurie's new hair?! LOVE IT!!!!

Had to stop to say hello to my favorite Allison Izu :) 

I found the art from Little Circles unbelievably beautiful. Everything you see is made with tiny little strands of paper rolled into a gorgeous piece of art. INSPIRING!

How amazing is this mobile art van?! I took a couple pictures of the whimsical art that I liked inside but I really think the van is SO COOL. 

I didn't get any pictures of Fighting Eel + Ava Sky's Fashion Show :( I wasn't fast enough to grab a good spot to see....Also, I was in flats & let's be honest...I can't see much from my line of sight in crowd wearing flats haha :P I did enjoy a "Romeo + Juliet" Crepe (Le Crepe Cafe) & a pineapple smoothie (Insomnia Expresso & Cafe) though! Next month's HNL Night Market is March 16th! I've marked my calendar...hope you will too.

Top - American Apparel.  Necklace - Forever 21.  Jeans - Genetic Denim.  Bag - from Thailand :)