Versa-Style with Freshionable

I love when great minds with real style collaborate together!  This event was EXACTLY that.  Freshionable, a unique shopping website featuring chic versatile clothing & elegant accessories, made some MAJOR moves with the help of Collins + 8th, Allison Izu, UMEE, & other local designers.  Versa-Style was a fashion + styling event to showcase these brilliant designers & present women with a variety of day-to-night, work-to-play, serious-to-flirty (getting the picture yet? haha) clothing to satisfy every occasion with minimum effort.  

I am also absolutely delighted to add that Jenny Cao-Wu, Founder of Freshionable, & Summer Style are officially affiliates in personal shopping world too. Contact me for details on how to get your hands on some Freshionable styles brought straight to you to try & buy without ever having to leave your home.  Or check her our for yourself at her website