Child's Play

Work hard, play hard right?!  Sometimes you just have to let out your inner child!  I really got inspired back to the days of sandboxes & playgrounds because of my new adorable overalls from Homecoming.  It is quite amazing!  Unlike our old school denim ones, this one is really comfy & MUCH MUCH cuter.  I paired them with my JC platform boots...probably not ideal for romping around tree roots but hey...girls gotta do what a girls gotta do.  

Oh right...I def took some play time out of this shoot to be brave & clamber up this beautiful tree.  Going up = great idea. Coming down = awkward....really awkward haha.  It's a good thing these overalls are shorts not a dress! 

Overalls - Homecoming.  Blouse - Homecoming.  Heels by Jeffery Campbell - gifted.