Rêves et D'amour

Il n'est rien de réel que le rêve et l'amour (Anna de Noailles).  "Nothing is real but dreams & love".  

These beautiful designs are handcrafted by local designer Feliz Salas.  Her inspiration for this romantic collection comes from 1950's Paris.  These playful styles are made for an "independent woman who isn't afraid to suppress her femininity".  Feliz's ability to design for the female form, to draw out it's natural curve & beauty, is such a gift.  

There is something very alluring about this collection...I'm not sure if it's the retro-inspired shapes or it's flirty simplicity...I guess you could say it's got genuine je ne sais quoi.  

This was my favorite piece.  I couldn't help but smile & twirl! A little playful flirting between me & the camera haha.  ;)  

The perfect outfit for a true lady.  I'm totally in love with the shape this look gives my non-existant curves.  Makes me want to waltz onto the set of Mad Men a little!  

Besides being an amazing designer for women, Feliz's collection includes some very handsome menswear.  There's a little fantasy infused into these designs, I hope you all drifted to a Parisian vacation with this collection. :) Merci beaucoup. Au revoir!!!!
Contact Feliz Salas for design inquires at feliz.c.salas@gmail.com