Thought Bubbles

Return of the Mack! I am not embarrassed to admit that his song "Thrift Shop" was on repeat in my car for weeks & since then, I've had a not-so-secret HUGE crush on him.  Oh I say,  "YESssS!" to that hot white boy swag haha.  I'm going a little crazy over the fact that the new Ala Moana Microsoft store is giving away tickets to his concert at their opening on June 13th.  To get REAL obsessed? or not? 

Z.O.M.G.  Cuteness OVERLOAD! Now I know I have a kitty...&..I am TOTALLY cheating on her with this little internet baby! Let me introduce you to Snoopy. I don't care if you're a dog person...she's adorable! It's a strong tie between her & Grumpy Cat (who's tweets are my daily amusement)....but today Snoopy wins. Can someone find me this cat? I need one. Right MEOW!  

First things first, I'm a terrible TERRIBLE bike rider. I mean like, DEATHLY accident prone or at least incredibly embarrassing fiasco prone.  Besides that sad fact, I really want to buy a beach cruiser.  I rode one all through college & I miss it.  I had a pink bike...she was perfect!  Long rides today sound like a fun idea...besides being a death defying challenge :P 

50th State Fair is up & running.  I need some play dates! Who wants to come?! It's running weekends from now till the end of the month. Carnival food?! MmmMMmMm! I'm also a collector of carnival game prizes. I give them to Binks :)  

Lastly, I thought I'd throw in some fashion being that I have a FASHION blog :)  I want this to be my official Summer bag. "Miranda" by Michael Kors. Now the only decision is what color? Well that & where I'm going to find the funds/excuses to buy it haha