White Hot

White on white might be a dangerous combo for shave-ice but it's otherwise PERFECT for these sizzling hot days we've got now.  When I think of white, I see fresh, clean, & absolutely elegant.  I love how classic white makes ANY outfit look more chic (& on a side note...white is the only color that makes me look remotely tan!).   

I'm not supposed to be shopping but I couldn't resist this tank from Bamboo Sky...It's got laser square cut details, it's flowy, & so versatile! The high neck of the top layer but deep v of it's inner cami makes for a playful combination.  :) Oh & these shorts?!  Super cuuuuute with gold stud details + scalloped hem!  Yes yes yes...& with a few simple  accessories, my summer chic outfit is complete! 


Now with sensitive skin like mine...a floppy hat is just what I need to keep the sun off.  To brighten the look I just threw on some turquoise heels...which I have to say are a blessing to a gal with short legs ;)    

Hat - Fighting Eel. 


Blouse - Bamboo Sky.  Shorts - Homecoming. 

ID Necklace - Basique Threads.  Nixon "Kensington" Watch.  Heels - Shoemint.