Blue Hawaii

I've been on a crazy whirlwind this past few week with work & projects; (hence the lack of posts recently) but through the madness, I was blessed with the opportunity to tour the warehouse/manufacturing center for Jams World!  Being around since the 1960's makes Jams World one of Hawaii's legacy designer brands that have paved the way for our local industry & they are still staying strong TODAY.  I wish you all could've seen the infinite rolls of fabric they house that date back to the 60's; it was MAGICAL!  Each Jams print is 100% EXCLUSIVE to the brand & therefore, always a limited edition piece.  

Now I know my generation remembers Jams fondly as an 80's powerhouse of rad neons & prints but since then, we have all retired our Fresh Prince-esque digs along with the idea of wearing the brand again.  All I gotta say is - you may rediscover your love for them so take a 2nd look!  I cruised through the on-site outlet store & found some pretty cool vintage print stuff!  There is an endless selection of AMAZING prints & styles (not to mention they are all ON SALE).  Anyway, I settled on a men's aloha shirt from the 70's :) I think I shocked the staff by picking a menswear piece but oh well...I like what I like right?!  All tied up & paired with these "Slasher" shorts, make my casual look perfect for a gal on go. PS Ladies, the shirt is a size medium (FYI) in case you want to copy the look with your own print :) we can start sharing clothes with our BF's hahaha!


The shirt's sleeves were REALLY long so I did a little DIY sewing for a slouchy roll :) (look Mama...I used a needle & thread for ONCE haha) 

I added a cute mini-spiked necklace for a little edge. 

Aloha Shirt - Jams World.  Shorts by Mink Pink - Gifted.  Necklace - Basique Threads.  Boots - Macy's.   

Mark Tsuda, Pua Rochlen & Jams World