NYFW - Fashion + Fun

A long entry of pictures....take a break & enjoy! 

I attempt to wear heels today.  It wasn't terrible; these Steve Maddens worked it out!  However, my #1 MUST HAVE, is the Michael Kors bag...It's perfect.  

Sweater + Skirt - Nordstrom.  Heels by Steve Madden.  Necklace - Basique Threads.  "Selma" mini studded crossbody bag by Michael Kors.  

It's always...erm...pleasant?...to have a show with menswear... Oh, who am I kidding...it's HAUTE! Son Jung Wan's collection presents me with impeccable tailoring and a fun use of color.  It reminds me of a beautiful sunrise.  Plus, take a second to check out these HANDSOME statuesque men. Yum. 

*I am sitting VERY far back, and behind 2 gorgeous, & TALL, models so pictures are from lovelywanderlust.com  :P 


My FAVORITE hair + makeup is in the Lela Rose Spring 2014 show.  Each model has a classic teased nest but it's dusted with gold flakes! As the model's walks, the gold dust gently sprinkled behind them like fairy dust.  Makeup is fresh and youthful like most of the shows, but I loved how instead of a nude lip, Lela Rose chose a brighter pink.  Besides hair + makeup, the clothing is gorgeous.  (Outfit pictures from Style.com)

Vivienne Tam is a sweet show.
 Upper: White on white is still hot! 
 Right: There is subtle cut-outs in the skirt
           and crop top that really make this

L. Left: Bad picture...but do you see
            who's front row?? Tiffani Amber
 L. Right: Check out that hem for more
            cute cut-outs.  

Made it to Serendipity Do you like how I stole the light from Ronald in the first pic? I did it on purpose....JUST KIDDING! 3!

Yes, the chili-cheeseburger is delicious but you don't really go for dinner; it's all about DESSERT!! And double giggles to Virginia who got a brain freeze in T-minus 2 seconds from over excitement. 

At Matilda on Broadway with my Mom & Sister...it was adorable.  I got busted for taking pictures in the theater....TWICE haha. Whoops. I had to Instagram....

The beautiful view of NY from a rooftop party...A.T.F "Alive Till Five"....in the city that never sleeps I had to pull an all-nighter of partying right?....Not the best of my ideas, but def the funnest!