J'Adore La Muse

Art.  Beauty.  Curiosities.  The first 3 words that come to my mind when you walk into La Muse.  Every angle of the store seems like a picturesque moment waiting to be captured.  The red brick of downtown peek through beautifully simple white walls that are filled with fun knickknacks & lovely treasures.  The racks of clothing speak of comfort & luxury while the endless rows of jewelry whisper temptation.  We took over 200 photos while playing dress up & below is just a small selection to entice you to visit in person.  Let me introduce you to La Muse…my high-class playground.  

I have to admit, amidst the fast fashion & trending I usually focus on, I forgot how much I miss the basics.  Owner Julia Chu, stocks her store with the finest basics that will last you a lifetime.  This silk cotton boyfriend button down is my MUST HAVE pick.  It's an undeniable staple with a flawless fit…& the silk blend fabric….if skin could lust it would be craving this every single day.  

Also, check our her jewelry case of unique jewelry pieces.  The bird skull or ballerina doll can edge up any classic to add that touch of unexpectedness.  

Ok, I'm a sweater/cardigan kinda gal.  The shimmer ruffle on this sweet number makes it magical.  I feel like the definition of femininity.  Instead of the silk skirt (featured up top with a similar sweater), I threw on an ultra cool asymmetrical trouser.  

The necklace is a dainty bubble filled with sparkling Swarovski crystals.  It comes in gold too.  From bird skulls to sparkles, this shop has  jewelry for EVERY style.  

So fresh.  Below is another favorite of mine…an embroidered linen dress.  It's effortless casual chic. The kind of dress that inspires you to want to bike through a meadow or walk down the beach at sunset.  

Thank you Julia for letting me play in your home. 

All clothing & accessories can be found in-store.  For details/pricing please visit La Muse at :

1156 Nuuanu Av
Honolulu, HI 96817
(808) 536-0818

Pictures by Maida Montemayor