Caught in Stormy Weather

Another day, another shoot.  I'm a bit late on posting these, but with the recent rainy weather, I felt it's only apropos.  The hair and makeup concept was inspired by Prada's Fall 2013 campaign.  We were aiming for wet, loose hair with dark, and smudgy makeup.  The feeling exuded by the hair and makeup really inspired me to envision a hauntingly beautiful woman who got caught in a storm.  Despite her couture, she embraces the wind & rain, for the weather mirrors her mood.  Tapping into a darker side was really different for me & I enjoyed exploring a more ominous style.  

I've been so lucky along my career to work with so many talented local artists.  I am such a HUGE fan of Mari Nakamura's "Duality" Collection, from which I pulled those amazing deep purple outwear pieces.  See her online portfolio here.  I have a 2nd shoot with her designs coming soon….it's a killer. 

Ryan Hanaoka is another designer who is a good friend of mine.  When he showed me this oh-so-Chanel princess skirt…I DIED.  I had to shoot it.  I love that it's so feminine & we contrasted it with such a edgy vibe in a dank bathroom.  Rachelle was my perfect "broken-down doll".  

Lastly, I want to gush over my last shot.  Julia's piercing stare just gives me the shivers.  That shot is exactly what I wanted out of the hair, makeup, styling.  

Clothing Details
Set 1 - Coats by local designer Mari Nakamura.  Speckled Dress - Armani Exchange.  Gloves - J. Crew.  Baroque Lace Blouse - 7 For All Mankind.  Skirt - Topshop.
Outfit 2 - Embellished Sweater - Armani Exchange.  Tulle Skirt by local designer Ryan Hanaoka.  Leggings - American Apparel. 
Outfit 3 - Slip Dress - Armani Exchange.  Vintage Faux Fur Coat - Barrio.  Vintage clutch pure - Barrio.  

Special Thanks To:
Photographer - Haren Soril 
Key Hair + Makeup Artist - Risa Hoshino
Assistant HMUA - Isabella Hashimoto
Models - Julia & Rachelle
Stylist - ME!