Waikiki Wanderlust

Sundays are for wandering.  Today I spent the better part of my morning wandering good ol' Waikiki.  It was an amazingly beautiful day & I got to thinking about how lucky I am to have this weather in November.  My friends from the East Coast are currently escaping the cold here & it's been nice to play tourist for a couple days.  I suppose this blog is in honor of resort season…resort-wear, resort-stays, resort-everything! 

My brand new romper is part of Florencia Arias newest resort collection.  I got a sneak peek at the line and it's GORGEOUS.  I had the hardest time deciding between the rompers & the maxi dresses….I may have to get both sooner or later.  I accented it with my favorite Ginger 13 necklace. (Shameless plug : I will be selling my clothing line in her boutique downtown for Black Friday! Come visit us!)

Lastly, my dependable tote (that fits EVERYTHING), is an extra exclusive piece found locally in either the Shoreline Hotel, or the Coconut Waikiki Hotel.  Both boutique properties are part of the Joie de Vivre hotels.  The tote is made out of 100% recycled cotton & designed + dyed all here in Hawaii!  It's a collaboration between Joie de Vivre Hotels & Happy Town Hawaii.  I'm happy to be toting around eco-friendly fashion.  

PS How adorable is this coconut that we found?  I needed it to be in my shot.  A kind gentleman later came to pick it up telling us he wants to attempt to plant it!  

Romper by Florencia Arias.  Necklace by Ginger 13.  Eco-friendly tote available at either Joie de Vivre Waikiki Hotels.