Dior Opening

It's HERE! The Dior Boutique in the T-Galleria by DFS is finally OPEN! They held a luxuriously decadent opening with champagne, amuse bouche, & of course…Dior EVERYTHING.  The store is absolutely beautiful & the staff is so wonderful.  It would be worth the trip to Waikiki just to check them out.  There is custom art in every room (even the ceiling), it's home to Dior's luxury jewelry & timepieces, & the shoes…..to die for.  A special thank you to Chae for spending some time giving me the tour.  Please visit the new boutique : 2222 Kalakaua Ave. (808) 926-1947.  

I would expect nothing less than an immaculately merchandised store, & I was not disappointed.  The clothing was perfect, each rack told a different story with color, texture, and style.  Every which way I looked was picturesque.  

The whole boutique was designed around the idea of a Parisian apartment; complete with floor-to-ceiling (faux) windows & french doors.  Dior's favorite color is grey, so the walls are painted this understated matte grey which really elevates the mood.  The color is unusual for a boutique but works magnificently.  

Shameless plug here : My dress is the newest addition to my Ten Tomorrow clothing line. What do you think?? The print is my favorite…I don't really wear pink, but I fell in love with it anyway.  You know what goes with it?? A Dior watch…..someone please….for Valentines??? Haha wishful thinking. 

Special Thanks To:
Dior boutique & staff
PacRim Marketing Group
Virginia Paresa - my lovely date for the evening!