Sunrise with My Summertime Favorites

I know I live in the land of eternal good weather but August usually marks the end of Summertime.  To celebrate another season of sunshine & playing, I decided to blog a few of my favorite new summertime essentials.  

Ok so…my new obsessions are:
1. Sand Cloud Towel - A comfy new way to enjoy lounging! It's so awesome…Ch-ch-check them out. 
2. Serene Sky Boutique's Turquoise Earrings - Gold plated vintage brass with turquoise! Simple, sleek, & perfect for any style.  So many other goodies at Serene Sky btw….if you're an accessory addict (like me), then shop away with their affordable styles!
3. The Pebble Watch - a smart watch that can hook up to iPhones or Androids & send all your notifications straight to your wrist.  SWEET FREEDOM, I'm no longer tied to checking my phone every 62 seconds.  I got mine at Best Buy! 
4. LSpace Swimsuit - Well a girl needs a new suit each season right?  I might be getting out of the tropically print stuffs & headed toward more modern (maybe even sexy?) swimwear!  Black always seems more chic & I love the back design on the top. 

Anyway, get out there before it's too late & fit in those adventures; I know I'm trying!

Genius. Duh….a towel + a pillow.  YES PLEASE!  How cute is this nifty little thing?! I seriously leave it in my car & tote it with me everywhere.  The pillow is removable so you have a towel &/or sarong on hand.  Don't forget to support & get your own Sand Cloud towel on their Kickstarter video (CLICK HERE)

I'm not a techie but I sure do LOVE my Pebble watch.  Text, call, & phone notifications straight to my wrist!  It's water resistant, has a ton of apps, & is my new best friend haha.  It even tells me how far & fast I run (on the rare occasion I work out).  

New earrings!! One, I love anything turquoise.  Two…get EXCITED & stay tuned to my IG for a giveaway opportunity! There's something delightful about the simplicity in these earrings & they are my new go-to daily accessory. 

Towel by Sand Cloud.  Knit Hoodie - H&M.  Swimsuit Top by LSpace.  Swimsuit bottom by San Lorenzo.  Earrings by Silk Purse, Sows Ear - Serene Sky Boutique.  Initial Necklace - Fighting Eel.  Watch by Pebble.  Sandals - Aldo.  

Photographer : Cassie Louie