NY Fashion Week - Back in the City

Tis that time of year again…Fashion Week in New York City; & I'm back baby.  It's exhilarating to be back in the city in the middle of the fashion whirlwind.  I love being in a place where the industry is vibrant, strong, and thriving.  Now that I'm starting my own brand, the whole experience has taken on new meaning.  I could ramble on for days but I'll save you the torture haha.  Here are some snap shots of my trip.  

For more details on my experience, check out my article for Lei Chic (click here)


I couldn't resist sporting my own brand on the streets of NY!  Ten Tomorrow has crossed the ocean :) I paired my faux leather skirt with the hottest fabric trend right now…PLAID.  I picked a sheer plaid to help with the lingering summer heat.  

Killer show by Marc and Estel.  They totally rock the runway in casual knits, sweaters, denim, and leather in such a haute way.  I loved their energy!  The brand concept as a whole really shines through their show. 

Carmen Marc Valvo is one of my FAVORITE designers.  I love his modern-retro vibe and the truly elegant style he flaunts down the runway.  His sheer paneling this season is so beautifully done in subtle-sexy kind of way.  I also ADORED his hair concept.  He had a silver streak run through each model's hair.  

I closed out my first day of shows with Crown by Colin King.  Hands down, the MOST fun show EVER.  The styles were modern, edgy, and innovative.  I thoroughly enjoyed the playful nature of the whole atmosphere.  Sometimes runway shows can be so serious that it was a relief to watch a designer really express the joy of it all.  

Well this is just a recap of one very jam-packed day.  More pictures/adventures coming soon...

Outfit Details: Top - Urban Outfitters.  Necklace - Gift.  Faux Leather Skirt by Ten Tomorrow (web-store coming soon!).  Heels - Top Shop.  

Pictures taken by me
(*Except Carmen Marc Valvo shots from thefashionspot.com)