Different Day = Different Girl

Everyone always asks me to describe my style and my response changes every time.  I can't help it!  I'm eclectic and my style depends on my mood.  This blog entry is in honor of my many style sides with a side of little shameless self-promotion.  Haha... I'm using pieces from my Spring/Summer Collection for my clothing brand, Ten Tomorrow. All these styles are available on my website :) Shop AWAY! 

If clothes could speak, this is what they would say about my style...

The Uptown Girl

She's sophisticated.  A lady.  Polished and prepared.

Blazer - Nordstrom.  Silk Shift Dress by Ten Tomorrow.  Belt - Express.  Necklace - Top Shop. 

The Weekend Tom Boy

Borrowing elements from the boys - Clean, crisp, and comfy. 

Hi-Lo Button Up Top by Ten Tomorrow.

Walk Short by Ten Tomorrow

Shoes by Mamut. 

Sunnies - Roberta Oaks. 


The Coachella Chick

She's casual cool. Beach town hippie.  Flirty. 


Coverup by UNIF.  Romper by Ten Tomorrow.  Shoes by Jeffery Campbell.  Necklace by Ginger13.  Sunnies - Roberta Oaks

The Fitness Freak

She moves.  Active. Working hard to work it out.

Jacket - H&M.  Reversible Swim Top by Cassandra Rull.  Trousers by Ten Tomorrow.  Shoes by United Nude.