Commercial Me This...

I find that every time life takes me away from my styling business, a job or project always comes my way to remind me of my first love.  I've been so focused on creating my newest collection for Ten Tomorrow, that when Howard Hughes' Ward Centers contacted me to style their Sunday Brunch article, I realized I had almost forgot that I even had a life outside of design.  

This was such a fun relaxing promotion to work on.  While I love the pressure and creativity of editorial styling, I think there's a joy and lightness of commercial styling that will always have a place in my heart.  I got to work with such an amazing team.  Check out the full article on my press page here

I don't know about you, but I'm addicted to that Sunday morning feeling...and what better way to celebrate my favorite day of the week but with an adorable brunch shoot?! It's like this project was made for me.  Ward hosts a Sunday brunch monthly and it features food/drinks from different local vendors each time!  I wanted to capture the different sides of a Sunday feeling from that breezy carefree notion to the mimosa sipping luxuriousness.  I hope you enjoy the looks from the project as much as I did.  

Wardrobe styled by me and all provided by stores located in Ward Village Shops.
Article by Yushing Ting.
Photography by Bodie Collins.
Page Design by Nikki Thommes.
Models - Charly M., Haylee K., Robert C.